Lifestyle Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography? A blend of portraiture, narrative, and commercial photography, Lifestyle Photography elevates the everyday, bringing the quotidian to the level of art and advertising. Since this kind of photo tells a story (its narrative), it is effective at marketing brands. By telling a story in a visually pleasing way, it can be useful for social media, online marketing and print advertising, Lifestyle Photography can create a buzz surrounding a product, service, or place. Fun sells. Lifestyle Photography is all about having fun with portraiture, product photography and narrative.

Building your brand?

Jake J. Thomas Photo is an expert in content creation and digital marketing. Equally adept at writing copy or producing photography, Thomas’ mission is to help businesses to thrive and increase. With over 6 years working with businesses, Thomas has a wealth of ideas to use for telling your story in a way that will reach your potential customers. Based in Santa Cruz, Jake J. Thomas Photo gladly serves the central coast area and beyond. 

Launching a new product or service?

Headshots, product photography and lifestyle images will help to personalize your idea. In order to get the message out there about your business, you will want to create as much content as you can afford so that you have plenty of opportunity to publish posts to social media sites. Social media marketing can be a very effective way to grow your business by reaching new customers and introducing new offers to your current clientele. 

Hosting an event?

Document the happy faces that are the result of your hard work.

Story to share?

I can help you design an editorial photoshoot to present your project.

Looking for Artwork?

Whether you are curating an exhibit or wanting to create an original work on commission, I have what you need.

Call (831) 588-5940 for all business inquiries.

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