The Coldest Month

Freezing in February

I’m not a huge fan of the cold. My hands don’t work well and carrying my tripod feels like holding ice. I know, 😭 big deal. It’s just a little chill. It is a beautiful time of year. Here are some photos from a recent morning hike.

Nisene Things

Sand Point Overlook

When I want to prove a point to myself, I take my camera gear and tripod on a hike through Nisene Marks to the Sand Point Overlook. Pain is inevitable in life, and emotional pain is sometimes worse than physical pain. By the time I finish an 18 mile hike with over 1500 feet of elevation, my mind is at ease.

Californian Almond Croissant, part 1: Companion

Companion Bakeshop at Venus Pie Trap in Rio Del Mar

One of my favorite places to exercise is at the staircase in Seacliff State Beach. With a view of the Monterey Bay and the disintegrating Cement Ship, it provides an amazing scenery to distract you while your legs are on fire. It’s also very close to the new Venus Pie Trap, a fun and beautiful cafe.

Venus Pie Trap offers 11th Hour coffee, pies from Edith’s Pie, bagels from The Laundromat SF, and pastries from Companion Bakeshop. They also have house salads and a pizza pie program designed by Sean Venus, based after New Haven style pizzerias, where he grew up.

Power Cakes with Bananas and Blueberries

Fresh Fruit and Protein Pancakes

Kids love pancakes. Grown-ups do, too. I’ve been loving making pancakes with Park City Kodiak Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix to sneak some protein into an otherwise decadent breakfast. This Buttermilk flavor is my favorite, and you can mix it with water, with water and eggs, or milk and eggs. Each version has a different amount of protein per serving. For this batch, I used water and eggs.

On this occasion, I made these flapjacks three different ways: one with no fruit (for the three year old), one with bananas (for the nine year old), and one with bananas and blueberries.

Plain Jane Pancakes

The youngest flapjack fan requested no fruit in her pancakes. I mixed up the batter with water and eggs, making the protein content rise to 17g per serving. The kiddos love a pyramid stack, so I made the cakes larger for the base and smaller as it rose. Pancake stack number one was a big success with a little girl.

Stack Two: Bananamania

The nine year old wanted bananas in her pancakes, but no blueberries. I added some more of the batter to the measuring cup and added some sliced bananas. Using the measuring cup helps to pour the batter into the pan with more control. These golden cakes did not last long.

Bloobanana Flapjacks

For my breakfast, I mixed in blueberries and bananas and then showered the stack with the remaining fruit. I can’t wait to do this again.