Shaping Your Success

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Good Social Media broadcasts a vision of the world to an audience. Presenting your business in the best possible light and achieving a desired outcome requires skill and expertise. Constantly learning more techniques through experimentation, Jake J Thomas Photo strives to provide their clients with the best possible Social Media Marketing.

A first step in achieving successful Social Media Marketing is identifying a goal. By identifying a goal we are better able to come up with a strategy that will create purposeful posts designed to achieve that outcome. For example we wanted to create a collaboration between businesses that we represent. It was a natural fit to work with El Salchichero and The Cremer House since they’re already working together but we enhanced this collaboration with this situation of a dish.

We also wanted to see if we could do interesting food photography in collaboration with a ceramic artist. We met Joel Magen of Dark Horse Pottery at Santa Cruz Pottery and he gave us this awesome vessel to work with. Next we got some Chicharrones from El Salchichero and some Forbidden Fruit Marmalade from Friend is Cheeses Jam Co. and took them to chef JP Doiron at The Cremer House. He came up with this amazing pork belly over jam glazed wheat batard, with arugula, red onions, and blood oranges. 12622182_790052254474257_5835912835101804534_o12615264_1165994980080297_7299998676419207397_o12605506_973148872779501_9212299076362799780_oJJT.BPT.HTC.9.February.2016-2JJT.BPT.HTC.9.February.2016-12JJT.BPT.HTC.9.February.2016-16JJT.BPT.HTC.9.February.2016-20JJT.BPT.HTC.9.February.2016-50

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