www.others: Working Well With

Collaboration is a buzz word, an idea you hear a lot.

These Cypresses present an image of the kind of collaborations we are seeking and building: symbiotic ones. 

Even so, it is something we really value and we’ve recently been undertaking some great collaborations.

We’ve been working with Gary Irving having a great time following his Seven Deadly Sins series. This was after a photoshoot at New Leaf while the spirit of earth ravaged by the greed of humans relaxed and ordered a sandwich. 

As a photographer, working with other people is natural, but we’ve been trying to push further to create more extensive collaborations between businesses and artists.

One cool thing we’ve learned about collaborations is that when you add a costume into the mix, fun inevitably ensues. 

Doing social media with small businesses is in its very nature a collaboration. One specific example is bringing together El Salchicherio and Aptos St. BBQ to create the 831 Sausage.

Another example of how collaboration creates growth is in my deepened appreciation for smoked BBQ. By working with Aptos St. and Mission St. I’ve come to appreciate the art of slow cooked smoked meat. 

Barney vision was a collaboration between Shawn Barney Barron, Jake J. Thomas, and Santa Cruz Waves. Adding Jackiemacro to the Jake J. Thomas Photo team is a form of collaboration. Working with Gary Irving is a collaboration. Filming with Anthony Tashnick is a collaboration. Working with the chef JP Doiron at The Cremer House is a collaboration. working with Dark Horse Pottery is a collaboration. The list goes on and on.


I watched the sunset with Ollie again last night. Her curiosity and hunger for knowing what things are is my current inspiration. 


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