The Wave Artist

Anthony Tashnick getting his daily dose of wild life as he surveys the ocean reading its code.

Anthony Tashnick is a great American artist working in the medium of waves. The debate about what surfing is (is it a sport, is it an art form, is it a lifestyle, is it a religious practice?) continues within circles for whom the subject is important, but surfing is so versatile that it can fulfill a range of needs. For Tazy, it seems to be first and foremost a source of fun. Yes, he’s a gnarly guy who charges terrifying waves on the Big Wave World Tour, but he’s also a frothing grom who refuses to comply with so-called norms. Tazy is a hellman, a wave warrior, an artist of the highest order.


Tazy has a sense of humor and a love of potato wedges and chicken strips after surfing.
Basically, Tazy is in an unending quest of artistic exploration in and around the ocean.


Collaborating with Tazy is an adventure. He goes wherever he wants to in pursuit of waves. When you are in his presence you get some sense as to the steeliness of his will. He is driven, motivated by knowing what potential is still untapped. Dreaming big about the future of boat surfing or taking a finless half-broken foamy to surf small shorebreak, every day is about interacting with the ocean, about deepening his relationship with surfing, about leading and listening to his fellow surfers through interacting with them in and out of the water.

Tazy is a guy who is happy when he sees clouds rolling in from the Pacific Northwest. 
Anthony Ruffo is a favorite for many a Santa Cruz surfer. 
The rains came last night in Felton adding another half an inch to our season’s total. 
The food at The Cremer House is a great way to treat yourself. 

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