Big Dreams

Humans are mammals. That means we want to keep each other warm at our core. One thing I love about Santa Cruz is all the families having fun on the beaches and at the parks. Santa Cruz is an outdoor lifestyle place and has a ton of opportunities for cool little moments like these.
The Literary Guillotine has been a favorite bookstore for a long time. I can’t say how many hours I’ve spent looking through those shelves let alone how many days, weeks, months, spent engrossed in books that I picked up there. Getting to work with Ziesel and David to do some Social Media Marketing has been a great joy and a huge honor. 

My sister is one of my best friends and she opened an organic brewery ten years ago. Now the brewery is in the midst of a major expansion and she also owns an amazing restaurant in Felton, The Cremer House. Today they held a New to Brew Class introducing all these lovely people to the art of home brewing. 
Impossible to think about Mitchell’s without remembering Barney. This is were he had his last surf. This is also the surfer he wanted to interview as surfer of the year, Joe Hudson. 
This is a season of change. My life has been one of continual improvement. I believe in the power of work to create desired change and I consider myself to be a hard worker dedicated to my beliefs in art, the natural world, and diversity both cultural and biological. 
The Cremer House is growing and getting better all the time. It’s really cool to see so many creative minds and people passionate about food coming together to create a restaurant. 



Going to get brunch at the brewery on the weekends is a favorite thing to do. Most weeks, Saturday or Sunday, I’ll pick up my daughter Ollie and meet my assistant Jackie at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing for some delicious breakfast fare chased down with Portland’s own Stumptown Coffee.
Tom Ragle is a business owner who started out at 41st Avenue Liquors as a clerk. You can still find him behind the counters most days conversing with patrons about the nuances of his inventory. It’s not a liquor store as much as it is a living museum of alcohol. From local craft beer to rare and exotic bottles, this place has the ingredients for sophisticated and elegant parties that you can brag about on Facebook after the fact.


Brewing is an art. Making great beer is a magical thing. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing has a dazzling lineup of flagship ales, but they are also always working on new seasonal beers to keep things lively and interesting for everyone involved.

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