Flowers are Cool

JJT.22.March.2015-2Abe-mo sliding into a wedgey nug somewhere fun. When I saw Tazy this morning, he told me that he surfed with Abe for the first time just around the corner from where we were. “How long ago was that?” I asked. “I was twelve.” Still having fun together. Classic guys.
JJT.22.March.2015-3JJT.22.March.2015-4         It was the first day of Spring on Sunday and I went up to Felton to get photos at the Cremer House. With all of the rain we’ve had this year, this Spring is going to be one to remember. Already, you can see the plants poised to take advantage of available water. The Cremer House offers their lunches to-go, so I took a Reuben to the covered bridge. Such a good sandwich, and even better when you enjoy it in the open air.JJT.22.March.2015-5Another thing all this water means: allergies. Holy pollen, Batman. The air is going to be full of plant sex.JJT.22.March.2015-6Remember when toys were educational and simple? If you remember this bobbing bird, then you know that old-school toys are back. Nostalgia for the 90s is our strongest opiate.JJT.22.March.2015-7Flowers are pretty ridiculous if you ask me. How the hell does a plant do that? Excuse me while I bloom this unimaginably colorful and elegant form out of nowhere, they seem to say, and we can’t help but make space for the show. Fuck, flowers are cool.JJT.22.March.2015-8Speaking of beautiful and elegant forms, the new dishes coming out of Wasabi Tapas are very impressive. It is more than a restaurant. It is a few people’s dream. It is a collective passion for food and service. JJT.22.March.2015-9JJT.22.March.2015-10Tom Ragle is just the best dude ever when it comes to talking about good things to drink. He cares intensely about his store and so he educates himself on the finest European wines, rare spirits, and craft beers. If you want to get elegantly fucked up, talk to him.

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