22 Pushup Challenge

July 12 2016 Day 1 Nominated Nick Purtscher


July 13 2016 Day 2 Nominated Justin Fassio


July 14 2016 Day 3 Nominated Matt Manzo


July 15 2016 Day 4 Nominated Leland Amos


July 16 2016 Day 5 Nominated Pete Feurtado


July 17 2016 Day 6 Nominated Nick Thomas


July 18 2016 Day 7 Nominated Blake Thomas




July 19 2016 Day 8 Nominated Jacqueline Evans


July 20 2016 Day 9 Nominated Olek and Dina


July 21 2016 Day 10 Nominated Greg Amundson


July 22 2016 Day 11 Nominated Chip Scheur


July 23 2016 Day 12 Nominated  Gavin Colfer


July 24 2016 Day 13 Nominated Rose Calucchia


July 25 2016 Day 14 Nominated Dylan Snopkowski




Richard Serra at the New SFMOMA

     The new SFMOMA is overwhelming in the best of ways. It’s hard to believe that one family, the Fisher’s, could have collected so much art. I guess a degree in economics from Stanford prior to founding the clothing retailer Gap doesn’t hurt, in that capacity. Now, thanks to them, the museum houses an enormous sculptural installation by Richard Serra, impressive partly because it could kill you. 

     The other day, riding the Sky Glide at the Boardwalk with my assistant Jacqueline, I had a similar feeling: earthquake strikes, we’re screwed. Serra’s sculptures evoke vertiginous feelings common to the urban experience. Humans adapt to these kinds of situations ripe with the potential for catastrophe by adjusting to the feelings and eventually ignoring them. Serra’s art brings this corporeal precariousness back into consciousness with his arching and leaning steel panels.JJT.Art.Seen.July.2016-5JJT.Art.Seen.July.2016JJT.Art.Seen.July.2016-3JJT.Art.Seen.July.2016-4JJT.Art.Seen.July.2016-2