Strawberry Baskets

This is a testament to the power of the Sony Alpha 7ii. I snapped a quick photo at the farmers market yesterday and it era badly overexposed. Because the file size is so big, I was able to adjust the settings to recover all of this color.

Shoot it Like It’s Rented

This week I have in my hands a beautiful little camera, the Sony a7ii with a 55mm 1.8 Zeiss lens. I rented this setup from Borrow Lenses and so far I am happy as could be with the results. Here are some photos from my first two days with the camera.


6 Objects, 1 Block, I-Phone Photo Challenge

Today, we had the assignment of photographing 6 different bottles of alcohol to create compelling images to use in social media for 41st Avenue Liquor. It occurred to me that this could be a great exercise for photographers who want to sharpen their creativity, to tune up their chops, and to push their sense of design and composition. It’s a productive constraint: 6 objects, 1 block, using your phone. If you really want to, you can make great photographs anywhere. You could go get a six pack of different beers to try this exercise on your own.

Photographing Felton

FullSizeRender 33

Felton is a beautiful place to those who love it. 5 miles north of Santa Cruz, it’s an entirely different scene. Home to big trees, sunny skies, and solid people; I get to visit Felton at least once a week for business and I always think how lucky I am. This time of year everything is parched and exhausted from the season’s sun, ready for rain and rest. This gives the mountains a rugged beauty, coated in dust and cracked with wear.

FullSizeRender 34IMG_6600FullSizeRender 35

The Camera in Your Pocket


Is that a camera in your pocket or are you happy to see me? LOL. Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket these days. This is the first step to making great photos: possess a camera. Beyond owning the device and mastering its settings, you also have to haunt the phone. You have to imbue this little electronic device with some of your spirit. This is happening every day, anyways. We use our phones so much that they smooth from our touch. The electrical exchange between us and our phones extends into these moments we find in the world.