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October 2016

Levi’s from Outdoor World

If you want to feel kickass it helps to look badass. We all know that. When it comes to Californians and jeans, Levi’s have long been a go-to choice. California kids grow up wearing 501s and they still appeal to the kid in us no matter what decade we’re in at this time. That’s the power of classic style: Levi’s were cool before we were born and they are still the same jeans.


Tough enough for working in the mountains, stylish enough to wear at the beach, Levi’s are a great example of  function and form working together in harmony.




October Moon Food


Smoked meat is an art form, no question. It’s one that anyone can appreciate, but also one that has layers of appreciation to it. Like wood-smoked ceramics, there is something so organically beautiful about smoked meat that it is a language of its own. People who are in the know understand that the characteristics of the smoke and the vortices of heat and flavor it creates are ideal for creating one of a kind batches of meat/jjt-asb-1-october-2016-3

Mission St. and Aptos St. BBQ both are world class BBQ joints. The smoked meats are so good you don’t need sauce or anything else besides a fork and knife. Tri-tip, a cut first BBQd in California, takes to the smoker especially well.jjt-cremer-1-october-2016-2

The Cremer House is something special. It’s a hub of innovation and creativity in food and drink. While it is housed in the oldest building standing in Felton, it has undeniably brought Felton more fully into the contemporary culinary world. Elevated comfort food is a very American idea, and the Cremer House executes this high-low postmodern concept fluently and brilliantly.jjt-cremer-1-october-2016-4jjt-cremer-1-october-2016-6jjt-msb-6-october-2016-bigjjt-msb-6-october-2016-2

This week in food. We have the ocean, we have the mountains, we have the redwoods, we have the coastal bluffs. We have a temperate climate. We have the world’s best Cannabis. We have food. How could we not? The nation’s bread basket, we are an agricultural hub of the world. So much good stuff grows here, it is only natural that we would have great food.

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