Creativity and Momentum

What inspires you?


Most mornings, I photograph the sunrise.

I consider myself to be very lucky. I get inspired 99 days out of 100 to make something, whether that be through photography, writing, painting or design. This is partly because I love the process of creativity and have learned from a lifetime of practice that doing art is in itself inspiring. It’s also because I have been a professional content creator for the past 5 years, so every day I make something, usually many things, for a business or client and post it online. When you do this enough, the momentum of creativity becomes apparent.

I also shoot the sunset when I can.

It’s similar to working out. The more consistently you train, the more you get out of it. When you’re in great shape, you feel confident to go out and exercise, and then you generally have a good workout. There’s an element of momentum there, too.

I try to make at least one composition a day.

The law of momentum is especially true with creative acts. If I set aside some time to make a photograph or to do a painting, I know I’m going to feel inspired because of my history enjoying the act of making art. This in turn is going to carry over to my work with businesses or for portraits. If I keep myself in good shape creatively, then I can do better work creating content to help businesses market themselves or to make great photos of people who hire me. It takes discipline and maintenance to keep yourself ready to create content. With much practice, the skills you develop with different media allow you to be more focused on the act of making

In my editing, I like to be creative.

something rather than the technique you’re using. This allows you to concentrate on the thing you want to make rather than how you’re attempting to make it. And then, as you make something, the value of the thing you’re creating gives you pleasure. It takes practice to be inspired on a daily basis, but it is worth it.
My motivation for doing art is that the enjoyment of creativity makes a me a better person because my energy is good, a better content creator because I have momentum on my side, and then the products of creativity make a contribution. I want to be a happy and positive person when I interact with others and I want my work to inspire and encourage other people to enjoy creativity themselves.

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