Positive Feedback Loops

Hello Folks,

This is Jake J. Thomas bringing you another episode of Dialogic two days before the end of the year, going to be easing into 2019. What kinds of challenges will we face, what kinds of opportunities? Now is a time for reflecting about that. I said last podcast how good I feel about going into 2019. From being a dad to working with creatives, I really enjoy my life and love how I make a living. This whole industry is so interesting and it’s a powerful time to be a creative. I look forward to making the most of it as much of the time as possible. Waves have been good, but I haven’t been on it as I’ve been sick and getting ready for the new year.

Finally, I was able to do a full workout and broke into a really strong sweat. I ended up doing 60 minutes yesterday and today doing 720 pushups and 720 squats. I want to get to 1000 each but in 50 minutes and if I can do that every day as just a core of my fitness then I feel confident that I can be a force to reckon with in the years to come.

I’m on in interesting self-reflective kick, but I don’t want to let it veer into narcissism. I’m not doing this because I love the way I sound; it’s a tool of self-reflection and improvement. I think that podcasts are going to be an increasingly important tool for businesses to share their stories with the public, so I think that this experience is critical in being able to help others. I’m sharing some of the technical aspects of my podcast as a map or a challenge to you. Do a half-hour podcast a day with free form but limited to 30 minutes and then you play back that podcast and you write about what you hear what you think about what comes across as interesting and then you use that writing as the description in the YouTube video, for a blog post, as the podcast description. It’s a way of being self-reflective: it’s a way of learning to speak what you mean and to mean what you speak. The act of communicating in front of the public creates apprehension that can play tricks on you and cause glitches of consciousness because you’re insecure about it. But with that feedback loop you can improve quickly.

What are you working on for 2019?

Half an hour recording, half an hour listen/ write/ upload. In one-hour you create a video and audio podcasts but you also generate copy. You have a page long blog, a description for your podcast, 20 tweets, three Instagram captions, and maybe more. It’s a very generative thing. When you set that as a goal for yourself you start to think about things in a different way, trying to make the connections stronger, finding the thing that you want to talk about because you know that you’re going to have to talk about something. This kind of self-reflective activity can really be transformative both because it provides a space for reflection and because it inspires a shift in consciousness from passive to actively looking for subjects.

It also pushes you to come up with tactics for when you can’t think of any content. There are categories that you can invent that you can always turn to and use for a day’s content.

The reflective loop helps you to see what is working and what isn’t. It pushes you to be honest about how you really are. It’s one of the reasons why fitness is so important, because you can’t really fake it. You’ve either done the work or not. If you have done enough work, then your body is an amazing machine that can do more than you could imagine. That’s reason enough to keep committed to a physical routine. It’s like the runner’s high: that moment of space that’s created by the endorphins from running where you can focus your mental activity and reflect on your reality from a different perspective.

It’s all about finding these practices that will generate movement and will encourage self-reflection and transformation. To use it to drive ourselves in a positive direction, to give ourselves momentum to endure any times when we are out of control, lost at sea, whipped by the wind and have to wait it out, but when we have control it’s so crucial to step into each situation with so much energy to be progressive that you understand the limits intimately. Because you do it so much, you have this overwhelming mastery of a subject and you know that what you say is based on experience, then you have a kind of confidence that only comes from authenticity. That’s always been important to me for an artist: authenticity. Making choices that come out of the work that you’ve done. Taking ownership of your creativity. Being responsible for whether the work is or is not creative. Understanding that there’s always going to be a certain amount of criticism as a precondition of sharing anything at all. But if you expect that to be there it can become a force that you can push against, that you can use to help you to navigate the field, that can help you to see the larger situation. Being able to be there for that as a daily practice is the goal for 2019. I want to do this physical fitness routine 362 days of next year. There might be three days when I miss a workout, but only three. I believe that if I stay that committed to my fitness then I’ll have a keener understanding of the terrain of my fitness, what I can do in relation to the world around me. No better way to understand the terrain than to traverse it and that’s a way to know your body, too. Knowing yourself and knowing the terrain are key to self-mastery. As I was just sick, I couldn’t do my workout. I had to take a break, I couldn’t sustain the energy the full fifty minutes and I had to take breaks which meant that I never got as fully sweaty as I normally would. The sweating is a crucial part of the workout. I probably sweat a liter or maybe two each workout. I feel like it cleans me out from the inside. I want to be super consistent in 2019 with that workout and not miss any days so that I can really understand that terrain.

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