Danger Zone: Dialogic Podcast Season 2, Episode 16

So when we get drops eventually, I think Highway to the Danger Zone has gotta be one of them.

Sings… Highway to the DANGER ZONE

We could just pull that out

pitch perfect

That was so funny. Hello friends this is Jake J. Thomas Photo

And Madison Marie Models with another episode of the Dialogic Podcast

Welcome back. Thanks for listening.

Just going through some of the photos since we last recorded a few days ago. The day to not be disclosed. We looked at one of the photos and it reminded us of this hike we took, you know our hike we’ve been talking about

Our morning hike

This time, I researched the map a little bit ahead of time and we took an alternative route and it led us up to this insane cliff.

Oh right.

Remember that?

That was before the beautiful enchantment. Yes I do remember that.

Yeah, we were walking and walking and all of the sudden… you could see there’s a canyon because you could see the tree line of a ridge kind of far away, but what you didn’t see is that as you approach the edge of the cliff you kind of expect it to be a hill that’ll taper down a little bit.

It’ll drop off a bit. A little drop off.

Even if it’s a cliff it’s gonna have little ledges, but as you get closer you see nothing.


You see zero, you see zilch, which means it’s either straight down or carved into the hillside.

Es no Buenos

As you’re standing there, it’s very far down.

It is. It terrified us, honestly. As soon as we saw and realied and recognized we said respect we gon go–we’re gonna go ahead and go right back onto the trail.

Yes, we left the edge. We turned around and left the edge. And then it made us think about like movies,


action scenes. We choreographed this whole action sequence, the different shots, the different angles, how it would follow you up like if you were running up the trail

up to that

all the sudden you get up there and it stops

and then

it shows you from across

duh duh duh

and you see how far the cliff is and then it’s from above you and it shows you balancing there on the edge


and so anyone out there who wants to fund a little independent movie, we have the setting for you.

We sure do.

We already choreographed the whole thing. But, so we followed the cliff edge safely on the trail about ten feet away from the edge until we came to this part of the trail where there was this not to be named loop that we were either going to take or not, but the beginning of the trail had all of these signs that said danger.

Danger Zone.

There’s the Danger Zone.

Oh my gosh.



What was special about these signs?

These signs didn’t look official AT ALL. They didn’t seem very like you know state regulated whatever I mean this is something that we came across—

They weren’t hand made

But they were…

But they were not state

Regulated or something



They were like if you bought them at the Dollar Store

Yeah, exactly. Like we were trying like like like we were trying to figure out different ideas on what it could be…


One of which being another concerned hiker passerby biker whatever somebody who enjoys the trail as much as we do that comes on a regular basis that may have encountered a dangerous situation and wanted to inform us of that.

Yeah, so basically we had conspiracy theories forming in our minds.

Very many.

All these different hypothetical scenarios. And then I thought it was people who just didn’t want people to go on the trail. So they were like no DANGER DANGER


Get out, don’t come down here.


But, the other weird thing was one of them was pointing up the other was pointing down, so they were in opposite directions and that didn’t help their credibility any, and I pretty much was going to ignore the signs no matter what, because I wanted to go on the loop…

It scared me a little bit


Yeah, so that was where the hypothetical stories came in.


I had to come up with ideas, I’m all, no they are trying to keep us out of there. She’s all maybe it’s a concerned citizen hiker who’s just warning us about some non-descript possible threat that they may have encountered, but

Yeah, just the dog sneezed and it scared me it sounded like a human sneezed–what in the world. So…


Speaking of hiiiiking

Oh, but then we did the loop.

We did.

 So, there was no apparent danger.


But, what we did find was an amaaaazing little ecosystem of redwoods and a creek and completely different terrain than the rest of the hike.

That we’ve been going on every morning.

So we found.

This is the first time that we went on a little different astray

We went on a longer loop beyond where we usually would go and it’s a whole different world


It’s really really cool

It felt like we were in a different state

It did

So that was pretty interesting

But so we came through this redwood creek section of it and then we came up into this grassy chaparral section and we saw this dead hawk that had its head like eaten off looking gnarly but right before we saw it this other huge hawk swooped down

So symbolic

We’re all whoa look at that huge hawk

I think it scared me or something. Probably did.

And then we saw this dead hawk down in the grass and then we came around the corner and it was this most beautiful corridor of light

Uh, so gorgeous.

So we were just..

Blown away.

Getting some shots, but basically we stood still there for maybe five ten minutes and then we started moving again and all the sudden I feel this

Within minutes you feel it.

Ah. I feel this little AH.

He looks back at me and he goes: Alright, I gotta tick, and I was like OOOOOHHH NNNNOOOOOO.

I knew it by the feel, I was like oh fuck that’s a tick.

He got so serious. He’s like Alright I got a tick. Yo. I was like oh shit. I thought he was going to have me pluck it off to be really honest with you. When you turned around and looked at me I was like Ah Fucking Oh NOOOO

Immediately I knew that was not

Talk about pressure

 going to be a good idea


So I just pulled up my shirt and I looked at it and I just grabbed it off real quick. I grabbed it and crushed it with my nail because if you just crush those things with the meaty part of your finger, they won’t die.


You have to get your nail to nail to crush across their body


But you wanna still save it so you can take a picture of it but anyways I just got a lil tick bite but that thing actually hurts.

He’s still dealing with it here.

And it leaves a pretty big

It’s a small little tiny dark bruise, but the red around it

It’s got things going on. It’s almost like a huge or not a huge but a strong hickey.

Oh yeah, it does kind of have that look. It’s an interesting one. Maybe we’ll link a picture or something I don’t know how we’ll do that. Anyway.

So, what I’m thinking now is that we maybe need to put on a little bug oil before we go out

Oh yeah good idea

Just to keep them disinterested

I’m sure they have something like that.

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  1. You write as you go on this adventure and you really paint a good picture of everything. Love to read it. Big Pete must be a bomb👍

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