Green Light Green

Let’s legalize cannabis, now. Our country needs healing, and cannabis can help. Too many people have had to suffer bizarre criminal consequences for using an herbal remedy. The time is past due, but things will improve for millions of people when we finally get it done. 

Cannabis has a calming effect. Our nation is on edge, rattled to the core and we can’t seem to get our foot off of the gas. Some people really need to relax, and some heavy dose edibles could be just the thing. 

Cannabis can make us introspective, and the path to a better future is going to require some self-reflection. Cannabis is a great complement to numerous therapeutic activities: hiking, making art, stretching, etc. We need new beginnings to help us to grow into a more hopeful and emotionally intelligent culture.

We don’t need free weed, we just need to free the weed. 

One big and bold action that will help millions of people over night. 

The numbers are on the side of legalization. Not only will we immediately create new legal markets, but we will enhance the functionality of the already existing legal market. All of the people who have fought an uphill battle to comply with the bizarre and contradictory rules of States with legal cannabis operating under a federal ban will be able to fulfill their dreams. Federal legalization would reward the good faith efforts of those entrepreneurs brave enough to take a risk and enter into regulatory cannabis to help provide safe and legal cannabis to the people of this country.

Let’s do it for our economy, do it for the health of our citizenry, do it for the cultural healing we need. Let’s legalize cannabis, now, and we will rebuild our country with a brighter greener hue.

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