Eating to Live, Living to Eat

Food is such a huge part of culture. It’s also an important way for people to share and to express their fondness, their affinity for family and friends. Food is the centerpiece of parties, the anchor of school night schedules. Food can express our passion, our curiosity, our creativity, but is is also how we nourish our bodies, it’s what we substantially are.

We are how we eat.

Choosing organic when possible, managing macro nutrients, and figuring out how to eat and feed your kids a well balanced diet is an important key to good living. Our diet is so fundamentally important to our health that it is almost commonplace. It is common knowledge, but not so commonly practiced.

How do we find a balance between eating for nutritional value and for cultural expression?

I’ve been finding that cooking is the key to eating to live. Having some skills in the kitchen gives you the ability to plan out your meals with a focus on nutrition and still make delicious food. My goal is to eat for nutrition 5 or 6 days a week and then to also find ways to experiment and to celebrate with delicious food.

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  1. Oh yeah. Our diet affects mostly everything that’s got to do with our life, and we should try to keep it clean as much as we can. I too am trying to do this, but of course, it’s super hard. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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