Five Reasons the Internet Doesn’t Suck

Right now, we have a chance to create a new future. The courage to change requires a lot of motivation. Do you want things to change? Do you want to change them? What is your reason for doing the work? How do you want to be? What do you want to achieve?

Motivation is synonymous with will power. It is the ability to get yourself to do something despite distractions, an aversion to pain, fatigue or any other reason. Exercising will power means sticking to a decision until a new decision has been made. It is a form of mental strength that manifests as consistency. 

This stability achieved through exercising will power is key to building trust, which is a superpower when it comes to relationships. If will power is like most things, then it can be built up through practice or it will diminish through neglect. Things are either vital and growing or they are in decline. What resources does the Internet provide us with that we can use to stimulate growth and to strengthen our will?

  1. Mental and Physical Exercises: the mind-body connection is a very real thing. Exercising the body can help us to build our will power. Exercising your mind can, too. Setting aside time for exercise is more common today than in previous generations. Setting aside time for mental fitness is just as important. There are tons of awesome tutorials on YouTube that break down the mechanics of exercises and their effects on your body. When athletes get hurt and require physical therapy, they gain a better understanding of how their body functions. Today, the Internet is full of valuable sports science information.
  2. Nutrition and Diet: take control of your health through what you eat in the kitchen. The science of nutrition is ever evolving and can be confusing at times, but a solid fundamental knowledge of what the body needs and how to best provide it with those needs is critical to everything you do. What you eat affects how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. This is something that I intend to keep learning about and the best part is that when you find out what works and what isn’t working it immediately improves your life. Whether that is understanding macros and losing extra weight, removing some foods that your body doesn’t process well or addressing some kind of hormonal imbalance caused by nutritional deficiency you will be able to find helpful guides on the Internet to empower you through education on how diet and nutrition affect the body and mind. 
  3. Cooking: the value of good food is immeasurable. Learning to cook is one sure way to improve the quality of your life. When you can cook food that you find delicious, it empowers you. You have multiple opportunities every day to try something new, to innovate and explore. The internet is loaded with cooking tutorials, recipes and other inspirations to get you going in the kitchen.
  4. Fun: playing is staying in the game. Finding balance is key in life. How much time you spend on any of these activities depends upon your lifestyle. Surely, you can find something fun to do in your area. Take a look at the map of where you live and try to imagine it from the perspective of a visitor. What would they find to do that looks fun? Whether a game of Lazer Tag, mountain biking a trail, 
  5. Local History: exploring your zone. Wherever you live there are things that you don’t know about and finding out how things came to be will undoubtedly give you some good context for figuring out the current situation. When we think about learning history, we tend to focus on much bigger geographical areas, but digging into the history of a neighborhood, of a section of a town, of a road, of a forest can unlock some magical information about where you live. 

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  1. Oh yeah, exercise and diet mostly have the power to lift 80% of your bad mood. It’s just a waste that we tend to take them for granted. Thanks for this post!

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