Grateful for Cannabis

The difference between high quality cannabis and schwag is insane. If you smoke the right flower for you, eat the right edibles, you will experience some really enjoyable effects and it will have almost no negative side effects. If you burn a bunch of low-grade, poorly cured weed you are going to have a harsh experience. It is a night and day difference when it comes to the quality of cannabis.

High quality cannabis is expensive and for good reason. It is really hard to grow.

Agriculture generally comes with challenges, but quality craft cannabis really elevates the level of skill and experience needed to bring a crop to harvest and through the process of curing and trimming. Cannabis cultivation is a botanical art that requires talent and discipline.

Growing cannabis is not a quick process, either. It takes a lot of time to see the plants from seed or clone to harvest. You have to plan long term to be a ganja farmer. Either you have to figure out a way to rotate rooms or stagger crops so that you are always harvesting, or you are going to have to wait out the periods of no payments for a few months at a time.

These two factors, the difficulty of skill and the length of time it takes to produce a finished crop, make it a seriously challenging task. It is certainly not the stereotype of the stoner to be able to manage complex systems involving lights, humidity, nutrients, pruning and also to be able to budget for periods of drought between harvests. These are prerequisites to this industry, however.

People who grow high end cannabis make the world a better place and it is hard to imagine their work being automated out of the economy. I am sitting in a hotel as I write this and the only coffee available was from a machine where you push a button and it squirts out some kind of pre-brewed something. When it is early in the morning and you just need some coffee that will do, but it is not how you are going to want to operate when you are not traveling.

So, today on 4/20/2021, I want to say thank you to all of the cannabis farmers who have kept the culture alive and the plants flourishing. It is because of the courageous cannabis growers who made renegade grows out in the cuts when it was illegal, who came up with innovative ways to convert suburban homes into grow houses, who knew that cannabis was the future, it is because of their vision that our legalized future is coming closer every day.

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