Everyone has to find their own methods of living and working. We don’t all learn the same way. That means that we are going to need to be imaginative and flexible to work our way out of this challenging historical situation. We are at a juncture. It is one of those moments when we have the chance to choose things that will remain influential for a long time. Our next decisions had better be our best decisions. Everything is on the line.

Once things are set in motion, momentum comes into play. Personally, what I have found to work best is to create daily habits with positive side effects that build up slowly over time. Instead of looking for a quick resolution to a problem, I create systems that tend in that direction and allow momentum to push me through to my goals. That allows me to focus on the moment and to put my passion into pushing the flywheel and keeping the momentum going.

By creating a list of tasks that I have to do every day I give my own time structure. That structure allows me to exert more energy in doing the work of growing instead of decision making. Because I already know certain things that I am going to do each and every day, it makes it a simpler task to determine what I’m going to do with the rest of my time. This has been very useful for me during this time of uncertainty and instability.

What I’ve found is that by committing to certain things every day I am able to direct my will more efficiently. I have more will power. The force of habit combined with a consciousness of the process leads to real and lasting change. What are some areas in your life that need improvement? What are some daily habits that will start to move you slowly but surely in the right direction? This is the logic of everydays. 

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