Totally Tepeque: Molé Enchiladas and Pozole

Molé Enchiladas

California is my home. I am a native Californian. I choose to live in California because I love it and one of my favorite things about this huge, wild and beautiful state is its cultural diversity. Food is one of the pillars that makes a culture rich and Mexican food is one of the world’s great cuisines. Families develop recipes over time and we are lucky enough to experience some of this passion for flavor in Mexican Restaurants. Recently, I had some delicious food at at Taqueria Tepeque.

Not on the menu item alert!

Tepeque is a small city in Michoacan near the border of Jalisco, directly west of Mexico City. Inside Taqueria Tepeque the design lends a strong feel of authenticity. If you are looking for a cultural experience in Capitola, these Molé Enchiladas are it! The chocolate in the sauce gives it a sweet rich flavor and feel that is not to be missed. You won’t find these on the menu, though, so you have to ask for them, but they’re happy to make them.

Insanely delicious Pozole

Finding a place with good Mexican soup immediately improves your quality of life. I love cooking at home, but there are certain dishes that you just have to experience in the setting of a restaurant. This bowl of Pozole is one of those. Saturday morning’s are perfect for Pozole, but anytime will work for me.

Now I’m hungry again

Pozole is a stew made with hominy and pork. It’s more than that, though. It’s a connection to the ancient past, to pre-Columbian Mexico. It is a magical bowl of meaning made by humans out of simple ingredients bound together with passionate love of family, flavor and food. You can find the menu for Taqueria Tepeque, HERE: MENU

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