Pasta by Hand, Pesto from Scratch

Simple, Magical, and Fun

I linked up last week with the talented and beautiful Teddy Danielson of Taking Pure Joy to create some cooking content together. Teddy is a private chef and has a business in the Santa Cruz area making delicious food that she has delivered to people’s homes.

Excite Your Taste Buds, Excite Your Soul

For Teddy, food is more than just fuel. It is an exciting art form to share with people. Seeing her take control of the kitchen as she prepares for some serious cheffing, you know something great is about to happen.

Magic Achieved

I hope you enjoyed that photo narrative of Teddy turning basic ingredients into something truly special. We also made a Horchata Pie for Big Pete’s Treats! You can find that recipe, HERE: HORCHATA PIE with INSANE CHURRO COOKIE CRUST.

Check out Teddy’s website, Taking Pure Joy, and follow her on Instagram: Taking Pure Joy.

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