The Shop in Monterey: PODCAST HEAVEN

I heart Social Media

I am eternally grateful to the Internet, and especially to social media. I know that some people dislike the digital realm, and I understand that. I’m an artist. I’m used to people misunderstanding me at first. However, I continue to tell my story again and again through different media and for different audiences and the Internet helps me to find the people with whom I share passions. Therefore I love that fucking web and the world it connects. Because it connects me to them. It connects me to you. Without it, we would never be.

I heart The Shop

Erin H. Lyman introduced me to The Shop in Monterey because she knew that I was interested in podcasting. The Shop is an artist’s collective located at 1271 10th st. and it has a fully functioning podcast studio. Check out THE SHOPCAST 831 to see more about the studio and the great podcast hosted by Arsenio Baca there. It was podcast studio love at first sight for me when the mighty Chris Powers gave me a tour of the space. Chris runs a screen printing studio in the same building as the podcast studio.

I heart artists

I’ve always believed in getting in where you fit in and for me one place I always feel comfortable is around other artists in studio spaces surrounded by recent work and the smell of wet paint. If you have that in your blood, it’s a soothing and beautiful thing. As we toured the rest of the artists’ collective, we came across Sea Sevilla, working on a painting for her upcoming show October 8-10 at the Shop.

I heart podcasts

Tonight, we recorded our first episode of E&J Branding at the Shop. It was easy, fun, and enriching. I met our outstanding engineer, Joey Martinez. He is a photographer and artist who runs the boards like a conductor getting the most out of an orchestra. I am 100% stoked on this project, and I hope you will check it out. We will release our first episode, soon!

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