Writing Exercises for Content Creators

Imagine Your Audience

            When you write copy for a brand or for yourself, you must put the reader first. You should strive for: clarity, concision, and creativity. 

Clarity: Do not confuse your reader. Try not to sacrifice the clarity of your message for clever wordplay. It’s better to be boring but clear than interesting and hard to read.

Concision: Write copy suited to the space it appears. When you are coming up with captions for social media posts, less is more. The challenge is: how quickly can you get to the point?

Creativity: With a clear and concise message how mouthwatering can your writing be? The goal is to stimulate the reader’s senses, to instigate their imagination, and to incite their desire to do something.

  1. Imagine a consumer’s experience with your product or service. What is it like to use your brand? Write a short paragraph painting the picture of someone using your business for the first time.
  2. Describe the three most essential features of a product or service and explain the potential benefits.
  3. Demonstrate your understanding of the problem that your business solves. What pain points can you address in a short paragraph? 


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