The Importance of Training in Content Creation

If you want to stay sharp and create effective content, then you need to constantly be practicing your craft. It is just like any other human endeavor: one of the most powerful tools we have in improving performance is mindful repetition. Through improving our practice, our training helps us to make more cost-efficient works.

Multimedia Metaverse

We are already somewhat cyborg-like in our day to day lives. The trend seems to be moving further in that direction. How this all plays out is up to us, and primarily will be determined by our training.

Humanity has evolved with technology with mixed results. Some things are better, some things are worse. In the bigger scheme of things, we are early adopters to a new culture, of new ways of conceiving the world. Interconnected through internet applications, we experience a new level of culture. It’s a globalizing culture that sits atop all the others.

The internet dominates our culture. None of the old ways of making or consuming culture can even compete with the primacy of digital culture. Analog is already obsolete. It remains as a niche—as, strangely enough, novelty.

Considering the Body

All content creation begins with editorial strategy. What we create for ourselves, or for a brand, is predetermined by a plan worked out in advance. To achieve certain goals, we decide that this is the best pathway to build.

Part of what makes a winning strategy in today’s super saturated digital culture is content designed to speak to the balance between digital culture and physical beings. Paying attention to human appetites, to the striving towards greater health, will help to key your content into what people actually want and need in today’s challenging times.

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