3 Reasons Why Losing Your Temper Sucks

Who hasn’t been there before? Someone says or does something that offends you and you lose your cool. It’s a normal human response, certainly. It is a very damaging and potentially dangerous response, however. When you lose your temper, you let everyone know that you lack self control and it damages your reputation.

1. Getting Angry in a Work Setting Is EXTREMELY Unprofessional

Most people have to work with someone who rubs them the wrong way. In a work environment, however, communication is critical. If you respond to a comment with rage, you show everyone else how little respect you have for the company and the people who work there. Certainly nobody signs up to be yelled at during work. Heavens forbid that a manager lash out at a worker. If this happens, disciplinary action is necessary. That is simply inappropriate.

2. Losing Your Temper Damages Relationships and Yourself

Seeing red can be a very uncomfortable experience. When you allow your emotions to get the best of you and you lash out at someone, you are most certainly going to hurt yourself. That’s why we call it temper. You temper a blade so it will be strong enough to strike other blades without being damaged. Losing your temper leaves you vulnerable to damage. It also can be traumatic to the person on the receiving end, and you never know how they may respond. One moment of rage can destroy an entire relationship.

3. Losing Your Temper Reveals Your Lack of Character

One of the most important things that a human must master is their emotional response to distress. When things are not going well, responding with outward shows of rage makes things a thousand times worse for everyone. It simply is not an acceptable way to behave. You might as well take a huge steaming shit in the middle of the office. Sure, we all have to go number two, but do you really want to do that in front of God and everyone around you?

Understand Your Emotions and Avoid Ruining Your Reputation

The bottom line is that we all have to regulate our emotions and be responsible for how we communicate. If you feel your temperature rising, it’s a good time to get some fresh air or even to take a break for the day.

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