Bomb Cyclone Detonates on Santa Cruz Coastline

Devastating Damage from Massive Waves and Wind

The power went out last night as the winds picked up and uprooted trees around the county. This morning, I set out and witnessed the arrival of one of the biggest swells this town has ever seen. Howling winds and massive waves combined to batter the coastline, hurling driftwood at curious coast dwellers. Rocks and mud were chucked at joggers as the Sea showed its wrath.

Waves Pummel the Wharf

For a short time, I was able to check out the storm from the Santa Cruz Wharf. Pretty quickly, the police showed up to evacuate the premises. Elsewhere in Santa Cruz County, the Capitola Wharf had a section taken by the ocean, and the Seacliff Pier had a big chunk disappear.

Swollen San Lorenzo

The river was raging with fury to the sea, lapping the shoreline as it ran. Just a wild day of energy here in Santa Cruz. It’s going to take some time to assess all of the damage, and longer to recover.

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