Life is Wild

Raptor Rapture

Sunday, I set out on a hike to one of my favorite State Parks: Wilder Ranch. I was hunting for puddles, clouds, and waves. With all the rain we’ve been having I was happy to have a solid stretch of sunshine.

Hawk and I

I came around a soggy bend in the path walking carefully on the slippery ground and saw a beautiful young bird perched on the fence drying its tail feathers in the January sunlight.

Take Cover in the Cove

The bird humored me for a moment, but then swooped away as they do when curious humans get too close. It was tired from dealing with the rain, but not so exhausted that it was going to hang around for long.

A Moment in Natural Time

I turned the corner and saw that it hadn’t gone far and had chosen a more protected spot to preen its feathers. I joined it in this pristine place and was able to get a few more photos.

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