Egrets Feasting

Puddles and Worms

One effect of the recent rains is to have created some massive puddles. While this is inconvenient for most people, it has made hunting for worms a very easy task for some lucky local Snowy Egrets. Today, on my way back from a photo walk I came across one of these temporary ponds populated with ducks and egrets having their way with a bunch of water logged earth worms.

Urban Wildlife

Walking and hiking are key to my photographic practice. I enjoy getting out and trying to time my travels so I will be somewhere cool when the light is good. I’m constantly scouting for compositions and interesting things to photograph. Photography is a mysterious practice that involves both careful planning and spontaneous surprises like today, when there was a group of birds in a park where kids are usually playing soccer.

Photographic Gear

Moments like these are why I keep a 400mm lens in my backpack. It is a 5.6 aperture, so it’s not that heavy, but it definitely adds some weight to my pack. You never know when you are going to find something that you want to photograph from a distance, so I keep it on hand most days. I don’t usually like to discuss lenses or camera gear, but in this case it is necessary. These shots are only possible with a long lens.

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