Caught in the Rain

Wet in Wilder

On the last day of the storms, the power was out so I couldn’t use my computer to write. Instead, I set out earlier than usual and started walking towards Wilder. The forecast suggested that the morning would be relatively dry, but it was not. As I set up to shoot the sunrise, some huge dark clouds started moving in and before I could get a half dozen shots it started raining.

I was determined to get a good photograph, however. If I was going to get wet and cold I wanted to make it worth it. This shot below turned out to be one of my favorite compositions from the past few weeks. For me, it was well worth the discomfort of being in a downpour miles away from shelter.

Cow Pies and Rain Clouds

The beach that you see from this vantage point is called Cow Pies because it is inaccessible from the park side and across the cove is a farm that has a lot of natural manure. It is a private farm and is also a no go. Even if you were able to get down to the beach, it is a sanctuary that is well guarded by Rangers. As a result, it is a beautiful spot with some amazing waves that is always empty. This makes it a very beautiful and special place.

No Cameras

I love photographers, but I do not like seeing cameras when I’m trying to make a photograph. If I do, I know that I am in the wrong spot. I feel that I should be somewhere different enough and off the normal path. This morning, there was zero chance that another photographer was out there, and that’s how I like it.

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