Wharf Stories

Going out on a Liminal

The ocean intrigues and terrifies humans. We’re so compelled by the mysterious sea that we crowd the coastlines and compete for position. Like a surfer in the lineup, realtors and buyers jockey for position in order to score that perfect seaside spot with a view of the water.

I get it. I’m passionate about the Pacific, too. I enjoy photographing the ever changing conditions. One of my favorite places to explore is the Santa Cruz Wharf, where you can walk out past the waves and check in with the Sea Lions.

‘Burbs for the Birds

As well as the goofy and majestic sea mammals, the wharf is also a great place to get close to some gulls and pigeons oozing with the charm of fat and happy feathered friends.

The wharf is an unnatural place. It’s a structure that exists over the water giving gulls an easy place to dry their tail feathers in between bouts of diving for fish.

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