Pray for Artists

Faith and Futurists

Nobody knows for sure what the future may bring. No knowledge of markets, or science, or of religion can help us to accurately predict what will happen. That’s part of what makes life so amazing and compelling. Maybe the robots will rise up and take over before our environment becomes unlivable, or maybe we will find our own ways to evolve. Artificial Intelligence sounds better than the lack of intelligence to me, but I’d much rather place my fate in my own hands.

Freedom and Poetry

In our hyper-militarized world, the idea of poetry can seem pretentious. Creativity is, however, our greatest asset. We depend upon conceptual breakthroughs to reshape our world in ways that serve the people who will live in it: our children. Fighting is in some cases necessary to protect our security, to ensure our freedom to live. If we are going to discover a better way of living, though, it will likely be the product of creative people.

Time Travels in Waves

The space/time continuum makes up the fabric of our existence as we know it. Understanding the nature of our reality is a creative endeavor. One of the roles of artists is to create things that enhance our ability to comprehend the way the world works. Reminding us of the past and helping us to imagine the future, artists are performing one of the most dangerous and important acts of service and we would do well to pray for them. We have Sea Lions that have evolved from bear-like land dwelling creatures. The natural world is inherently creative. Watch a Sea Gull swoop into the pocket of a wave on an offshore day and tell me otherwise.

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