How to See What Makes a Photograph

Understanding Your Equipment

When you choose a subject and begin the process of making photographs about it, you are confronted by the limitations and power of your chosen media. Each camera setup has a different range of things it can do well.

This is where experience is crucial. If you know what your specific lens and camera body does best, you’ll have an easier time finding suitable angles and compositions. Recently, I decided to switch up my gear that I take with me to photograph Fall Creek after I had an epiphany about media.

Finding the Important Details

What I decided to do differently was to take my macro lens as well as my wide angle lens to capture some of the beautiful details I was seeing in the forest. The first time I went out with the macro setup, I started making completely different photos.

Now, I was looking for the tiniest things that I could contrast with the grand overviews I was also enjoying. When I next made it to Big Ben, an Old Growth Redwood, I had new ideas for capturing it.

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