Create Your Own Timeline

Eat the Feed

How do you find the mental space to think for yourself in a world where content is constantly coming at you? First of all, watch who you follow. Becoming someone’s friend or follower on social media may seem innocuous enough, but in reality you are inviting them into your life and world.

Most people’s will power varies at different times of the day. For this reason, what happens at the grocery store matters most. If you buy your favorite cookies and ice cream, chances are good you’ll eat more than you should when will power wanes. Same is true with social media.

Consume or Create?

When people want to maintain a healthy body they need to find a balance between calories consumed and calories burned. If you eat more than you need your body stores those extra calories as fat. The same is true with content.

When we think about or comment on the content we see it helps us to process the media. If we don’t find a balance between viewing and acting then we become mentally overweight. The key to mental health is mental fitness. Many of the same ideas apply.

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