Best Baguette Hunt, Part 2: Manresa Bread

West Side Magic

Santa Cruz is a special place and that is true when it comes to baked goods, too. I’m on the hunt for SC’s best baguette. This weekend, I tried one from the new Manresa Bread on the outer edge of the Ingall’s Street Courtyard, home to Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing (my sister’s invention).

Majestic Manresa

The David Kinch-founded Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos has been a great source of talent and spin-off projects, including the bakery named after the restaurant created by Avery Ruzicka. Their baked goods have been available in select SC coffee shops and breweries for some time, but recently we have been lucky enough to get our very own Manresa Bread.

Baguette Envy

The beautiful thing about a bakery like Manresa Bread is that you get the opportunity to try some world class fare at a price point that is very reasonable. The baguette is only $5 and worth every penny.

Made with organic red and white wheat, water, and salt and naturally leavened, this is truly a thing to enjoy. The simple ingredients transform into a delicious bread with a beautiful crust and springy spongy interior. I’m giving this Baguette a solid 9.6 out of 10.

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