First Flowers

Forget Phil

Punxsatawney Phil “saw his own shadow” so they say. I watched the ceremonious occasion and all I can offer is it was a bigger doping scandal than the Russian ice skating at the Olympics. They pulled that plump hairy groundhog out of a fake tree in front of a crowd ready to believe what they were seeing. No matter that Phil’s eyes were glazed over, no worries that he was directed which way to look.

They wanted him to see his shadow and so he did. I saw it too, but this darkness wasn’t natural. It was man-made. Well, anyways, it seems like Spring is coming early this year here in Santa Cruz. Things are already in bloom.

Winning Against Winter

It was a rough December, a vicious January, and now it is a frigid February. Still, we can tell it is on its last legs. It may still have some fight left, but Spring is on its way and Winter is all but licked. We have lots of cleanup and recovery to do, and we will be doing it in nice uplifting sunny weather. So, thanks Winter for reminding us how different things can be. But, we are resilient, we are strong, and we are heading for Spring.

Bring on the allergies.

2 thoughts on “First Flowers

  1. Lovely sights of spring rising from the ground. We are still in Winter mode here, frozen nights and mornings and (bring out your shorts) we are in the 40’s and staying that way another week. 🌻

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