The Power of Light

Writing to The Future

Photography and other artistic media are the closest thing we have to time traveling. We make things for future readers. We hope that they will see what we have envisioned and their lives will be richer for the perspective given.

Momentary Monetary

Meaning is intrinsically valuable. When we make art to be collected, we transform the message of a time into something that can hold value and may appreciate over time. Fine art photographs are containers of meaning and value.

Blooms and Shrooms

After the rains we’ve had, the forests have been springing alive with tiny living things. The arrival of wildflowers and mushrooms signals a change in the timeline of the natural world. A month ago the world wet and unruly here. In a couple of months it will be hot and dry again. It is only right now during this window of weeks that these rare and beautiful forms emerge.

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