Good Things

Emily’s Bakery

Santa Cruz is a dynamic place. We have a conflicted identity as we are continually becoming. Are we a sleepy beach town or a magnet for the radical left? Surf City or Slug Central? Least affordable or most progressive? Who we are is up for debate, prone to confusion, and often misunderstood.

One thing that is clear however is that we are home to some amazing small businesses. Emily’s Bakery is one of them. I stopped by before a hike yesterday to sample some of the delicious food being made by the latest generation of Emily’s bakers.

In Dough We Trust

As I enjoyed the most delicious Raspberry Danish imaginable I couldn’t help but notice the diversity of people who were stopping by to get some baked goods. Construction workers, families on bikes, older folks with streaks of color in their hair, moms who promised their kids a treat: they were all getting in line for a muffin or croissant.

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