Star Power

Building a Ladder

If we want to avoid a recession, if we want to surge back to full strength, if we want to build a better future, then we will need to level up our skills and assets. In the business world, this means marketing yourself to show your value, so you can land the contracts you want and need. Nobody can do this for you. You also can’t do it alone. This is a job for a team.

One of the fundamental tools you must possess to market yourself in business is a professional looking headshot. This is such an important piece to your self-advancement puzzle because it can give you an extra edge of confidence and will help people to believe in your potential. Seeing you looking your best gives others a powerful sense of your direction.

What You Can’t Do

The purpose of working with a team is to go further than you could alone. For these portraits of Star, I worked with Alexa at Platinum Hue salon to help with hair. I was very happy to have help making adjustments that I would have no way of doing myself. The goal is to increase our collective value. I would say we succeeded!

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