Country Bakery

Small Town, Big Vibes

I love small businesses and small towns. It’s the personal touch, the friendly service, and the undeniable charm. Pescadero is one such a place that gives me hope for the future of our culture. I believe we need to go big on small.

In Pescadero, there’s an old Italian bakery and deli famous for its Artichoke Bread. It’s called Arcangeli Grocery and it’s a breath of beautiful smelling foods and breads. When you enter the store you are transported to another place in time, to another culture.

All About the Pickle

I didn’t get a sandwich, but boy did I want to eat one. I wanted to eat everything. I got two loaves of bread and a cinnamon roll so a sandwich would have been too much, but I overheard two old friends discussing how great they were as they sat out front enjoying a moment of joy through food.

“I tell you it’s the pickle. I haven’t had another pickle like it since New York.”

The two old men were as believable as rain is wet, and their lunch was making me jealous.

My review of the breads and cinnamon roll is coming soon!

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