Fall Creek Roots

The Source

Can the environment speak to us? I believe it can and does all the time. When we experience major storms or wildfires, that communication becomes much much louder. They say that humans have been living in the Santa Cruz area for 10,000 years. I imagine that we used to understand the language of the natural world better than we do today.

Part of why I do landscape photography is to listen to our natural world. After these recent rains, the creek that runs by the high school I went to has been singing. I made a few photographs on a hike, yesterday, that translate that song into a visual image. This is one. I’m calling it Fall Creek Roots, and it is available as a 24×36″ Photographic Print with a Lustre finish for $194.97. You can order your print by emailing me at: jakejthomasphoto@gmail.com

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