March Online Auction

One of One Acrylic Transfers

I made 10 new transfers available online today. When these images are finally on canvas, they come to life. The final product is a beautiful thing.

Triptych Tripping

This first group of three goes well as a trip.

“Redwood Light,” “Vineland,” and “Into Night.”

$120 each or $330 for the group.

Seacliff Storm Gems

This next three also works as a group.

“Stone Lines,” “Storm Lines,” and “Seacliff Treasure.”

$120 each, or $330 for the three.

Ponderosa Pining

“Lightning Pine” $120

This image is one of my favorite photos of a tree. It’s a beautiful specimen twisted into a unique phenomenon by lightning most likely.

Rare Finds

“Forest Bullfrog,” “Buckeye Spring,” and “Fire Figure.”

$120 each or $330 for the three.

This last group of three were each something that I came across that is very rare. The bullfrog showed up on a trail at the end of a long day of hiking. The first couple of days when the Buckeyes open up their leaves gave me the second photo. The third one was a burnt Redwood stub I saw on a hike that looked like a figurine.

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