Seacliff Notes

Stairway to Fitness

It was in December that I met my match. I stopped using cannabis at the start of the month and I was looking for a healthy habit to help me get to sleep and to stimulate my appetite. The withdrawal from THC is made a lot easier when you start exercising vigorously.

I’ve been pretty consistent with getting exercise, but I’m usually hiking or doing push-ups. In December I started using the stairs at Seacliff State Beach to ramp up my effort. It’s become a great way to train for photography and my budding foodie experiences.

Photography is a mind/body activity. How you feel affects what you see and dictates what you want to capture. The beautiful thing about the stairs is that they are really challenging and therefore rev up your metabolism and get your cardio going quickly.

Character and Consistency

I also started using a fitness app to track my effort and to add an element of accountability. I’ve reached my goals 93 days in a row and my fitness app has been cheering for me all the way. I challenged myself to accomplish this goal 1,000 days in a row without missing a day. Whether that means waking up at 4am or exercising at 10pm I am not going to settle for failure.

In addition to providing me with a fun challenge, the staircase is a magnet for interesting people. I’ve seen people walking a cat on a leash, a musician who sets up a boom box and alternates between playing drums and a trumpet on an endless solo extravaganza, fitness freaks like me, gawkers, walkers, old folks, toddlers, and this guy with his two sky blue parrots.

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