11th Hour Pumpkin Muffin Review

Spring Buzzing

The best way to look at art is after a delicious baked good and a cup of coffee. Since this is undeniably true, I had to stop by 11th hour Coffee on Sunday before I set out on an art viewing extravaganza. This buzzing and stylish coffee shop is located inside the Santa Cruz Art Center, home to the Actor’s Theater, Full Steam Dumplings, and other visit-worthy businesses.

Frosty the Muffin

As I perused their baked goods offerings, I couldn’t help but notice the arrangement of Pumpkin Muffins each adorned with a worthy slather of thick delicious looking frosting. Life’s too short to skimp on the good stuff, and clearly the brilliant minds behind this pastry program agree. It was a busy day, but I received pleasant service and took my cup of coffee and muffin outside to the only available seating.

I’m That Guy

It’s often a little bit embarrassing when I pull out my rather hefty camera and begin an elaborate photo shoot of something I am going to eat, but as soon as I started to compose a shot I got lost in the sensuality of the frosting, in the exquisite fire touched crust of the muffin. I could smell the spice mingling with the aroma of freshly brewed light roast coffee. I undressed the muffin from its paper wrapper exposing more of the beautifully baked muffin bottom.

Taking a bite was not going to be elegant. There was no way to approach this task with manners. As such, I did my best impression of a lion in the plains and attacked my prey. The copious layer of frosting began to mix into the springy muffin, and I took a swig of the hot and bitter coffee making my mouth happy on so many levels. A couple of swift moves later there was nothing left but crumbs and a final swig of joe. Then, it was off to the Museum of Art and History to check out their exhibitions.

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