Heejin Lee’s Abstract Art

Hidden Worlds

Tucked into a corner on the outside of a parking garage like some rare red mushroom peeking out from the leaves on the shady side of a giant oak tree there is an exquisite abstract work of art painted by Heejin Lee.

Sacred Secrets

I met Lee at the Radius Gallery where she was the attendant on the final day of a remarkable show entitled “Glimpse” curated by the brilliant Ann Hazels. Lee warmly greeted me and offered me insights about the artists and their work.

In a sly piece of self-promotion, Heejin Lee let me know that she had a painting outside in the courtyard. I think it’s smart for an artist to promote their work. It’s foolish to expect someone else to do it for you. As such, I was more than happy to view her painting.

When I look at Heejin Lee’s artwork I see something that I noticed in the person, too. They both possess a quality of unassuming ebullience. They contain a quiet cacophony, chaos seen from far enough away to study the patterns. There is a complexity that comes across as generosity. Black and white in sections and bursting with color, this hidden work is a receptacle of words, a galaxy of forms.

Check out Heejin Lee on Instagram and hit her up for a commissioned painting.

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  1. I love Sacred Secrets, so many layers of buildings, mixed colors and my imagination is going wild 💙

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