Coeleen Kiebert’s Badass Ceramic Art

Facing Mortality

Coeleen Kiebert is a beloved figure in the Santa Cruz arts community and beyond. Her work at the recent show “Glimpse” curated by Ann Hazels at the Radius Gallery shows why people love her and her work. These exquisite figurines bring a soulful aesthetic to thinking about the end of life.

Let’s Do This, Anubis

For this series, Kiebert chose the Egyptian God Jackal/ Anubis as the subject of her intuitive artistic process. At 90 years old, Kiebert has accepted the inevitable and insightfully forms a trio in contemplation of transitioning to the next phase of living/ dying. Anubis is an ancient Egyptian deity responsible for leading people into the afterlife, and Kiebert’s contemporary take on the dog-headed form has real impact and presence.

Seriously Beautiful

Each of the 14 artists who exhibited work in “Glimpse” portrayed a serious problem with imagination and a beautiful aesthetic. As the most senior woman in this talented group, Kiebert fulfilled her role as stateswoman with gravity and grace.

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