23 May 2023 NPR’s Morning Edition: Jake’s Takes

Schools feel pressure to reassess disciplinary policies including a role for police

Pressure from whom? We need to radically refocus our attention to provide schools with adequate support. Students need more help, they need to feel safer, and we need to have teachers the first people involved in that process. There is no way that involving the police in the schools is going to help anyone. We must educate our youth out of this dangerous position. They will be able to figure it out if we give them the tools.

The latest workers calling for a better quality of life: airline pilots

Flying should be an extreme luxury. I think that we need to reconsider the frequency at which we use this insanely polluting technology. That should be the first industry on the chopping block. Not only is it a gross polluter, but it is bad business. The profit margins on airlines is so thin that they end up making weird charges and do not have a lot of wiggle room to be able to treat their employees better. Want a better quality of life? Get out of the airline pilot business.

Survey: Surprising to some, veterans are less likely to support extremism

Extremism, by definition, is rare. It is an extreme reaction to the times. While many veterans have experienced extreme things and situations, that does not mean that they will be caught up in extremist beliefs. To the contrary, they have made sacrifices for the status quo. They are not activists; they are people who served in the military for any number of reasons, but most likely economic ones.

Stuck in a hole in Scotland, a dog named Bear finally digs his way out

Meanwhile, in Montana a bear named Dog is scratching his butt against a tree.

TikTok sues Montana over its new law banning the app

Speaking of Montana, did you see the bear scratching his butt video on Tik Tok? No, because they banned it, if that is even possible. Tik Tok is fighting back in the courts accusing Montana of violating the constitution. Oh, the irony of this development. A Chinese owned technology company is suing a U.S. state for going against the constitution, and they may be right.

Stacey Abrams follows her thriller ‘While Justice Sleeps’ with ‘Rogue Justice’

This is the new playbook. Write popular genre books that reveal your political message in a way that people will be able to understand. Brilliant!

Treasury Department prepares for the worst — if the debt ceiling isn’t raised

What power does the Treasury Department have to mitigate this disaster?

Unexpectedly high number of refugees cross into Chad to flee fighting in Sudan

I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to stay caught up in that conflict, since Sudan has had the only genocide in the 21st century in their western region of Darfur. Chad is not an easy place to seek refuge and that tells you how scared people must be.

Ground will be broken this summer on a new school in Uvalde, Texas

Developers and construction companies are going to make money to make a new school in Uvalde, but that is not where we should be focusing our priorities. We should be helping that community and all our communities by investing in schools. We need to empower teachers to be their best and to encourage students and help them to see that the future is always wide open for the making.

Want to understand your adolescent? Get to know their brain

This is a good idea. Some understanding of neurology and neuropsychology can go a long way to explain behavior patterns.

A breakthrough water sharing deal is announced by Colorado River states

This is an insanely expensive deal to solve this crisis for the short term. It involves paying subsidies to people to not use the water. We need to get more water to the region, and if we are waiting on rain clouds to do it, then you can expect this band aid to be a futile gesture.

A family will receive the largest known police settlement in Colorado’s history

Money does not seem to have a way of fixing these systemic problems. We have a litigious society, but that only seems to lead to less quality service, not an increased sense of responsibility. Still, it is good to see a family receiving something after tragedy has struck.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy warns about the dangers of social media to kids

Making official pronouncements about the dangers of social media for kids is important. What we need is a commonsense approach to the matter. We also need for parents to remain involved in their kids lives. The use or abuse of social media is going to further divide our country as those with the understanding will protect their kids and those without resources will have kids going wild for the world to consume.

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