Waves Make Us

Drawn by Waves

Friendships are formed, families are shaped, and lives are led because of the power that waves have to inspire. Something simple and primal about raw oceanic energy gets to the core of our being.

Shaped by Waves

There’s a duality to the ocean, too. It’s a source of mental wellbeing but is also addictive. It can save us or turn us into creatures. It is an escape and a return to the source. It is above all else a dynamic and changing environment.

Timed by Waves

Time is more easily read at the beach. The track of the sun moves in time with the sets. Once you learn to read the waves you can see the passing of hours as physical movements.

One thought on “Waves Make Us

  1. This is my favorite post, it reminds me of growing up in Santa Cruz, beach and boardwalk fun after chores were done at home. Daily during the summer and with my Mom after storms, she read her tide book daily and plotted our searches on which beach we’d walk and at what time. I loved sailing on Monday nights with friends and going over to the singing bouy and back after sunset. Moving out of state and traveling all over the world made me appreciate my home town. I miss it now 💕😥

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