Sea Things

A Sea Change

Stop! We must stop before the ocean becomes unlivable. We understand so little about the underwater world and have such a huge impact. Today is the day to turn the corner and begin to explore alternatives.

If We Change

We can do things differently. If we want to reevaluate and reassess, we can find better ways to thrive in harmony with other animals and ecosystems. We can find the will if we look for it.

The claw of a crab that washed ashore north of Santa Cruz.

When We See

Once we know something, we can’t ignore it. Knowledge takes a place in our minds that is hard to dislodge. We have awakened to the dangers we have created and it is time to start thinking of solutions to our problems. For more information on the amazing lives of Sea Anenomes, check out this article by the National Aquarium: Sea Anenomes

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