Sophie Warren: People of Santa Cruz

Hi, I’m Sophia Warren.

I have the craziest dreams, I have like multiple dreams per night.

They’re always complex narratives with, like, other world logic and, like, multi-dimensional different versions of me.

It’s frickin wild trip.

It was a dream within a dream where I dreamed that I had a recurring dream every night where I went to a planet that was an alien, otherworldly, bizarre black market carnival.

And I would sit at this table and listen to all these aliens do drug deals every night for a week.

But that was the dream within the dream.

I have multiple different timelines and different dimensions.

Dreams that come in sequence.

But I don’t I don’t exactly know when.

I don’t really have reoccurring dreams, though.

Mostly they’re like pseudo, like a pseudo version of my house

or a pseudo version of Santa Cruz or

sometimes a completely different place I’ve never been.

I want to be the best filmmaker in the entire world ever.

I want to go to Burning Man.

So, I’m making these to give to people at Burning Man. Other than that, just film


I’m working on a big screenplay–like my, like, huge feature that I want to make one day–and then a smaller one, a short film called The Doll.

That’s a horror film that I want to make.

The best part is when my ideas finally come and click into place

and I just–I can’t wait to get to the point where my screenplay is finished.

That that moment of just finishing that screenplay and having it done, I’m really excited for that moment.

Letting the ideas come.

I mean, it’s the same thing. I love it.

I used to be really jaded about it because I grew up here, but now I love it.

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