Robert Fallon

Hi, I’m Felix.

My dreams? Yes. I generally don’t remember them.

Oh, yeah. You know, the usual thing flying and then getting tangled up in. In the electrical lines and stuff like that. And, you know, not being able to maintain altitude. And then there are things I don’t know, they’re zombies or what on the ground trying to grab, you know, standard dreams that all kids have.

Originally, there was some places I seemed to go to with some regularity. The last dream I had, it was about a country of was Russia. And there was the number 3 million something involved.

I don’t know. That’s all I remember of it. A lot of people keep dream journals and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

Well, I hope to take a shit every morning. You know what?

When you get up in years, I’m going to be 83. So that’s an important thing. You know, old people get together. Did you have a bowel movement? How was your sleep? You know? Oh, my back, you know, it’s the usual kind of thing.

There’s so much. I’ve built all these projects which are material things and places, and then the what happens in them, and that includes the gallery, which was one of my favorite things that I’ve been a part of me and a group of my friends were working on the, the bins for Streetlight Records and earthquake proofing, and we welded up all the metal fixtures.

And when we’re done, this building was here and it was just like paint storage. It had horribly low ceilings, didn’t have any windows, and we had all these really talented guys. I think Streetlight Records had more welders on tap than any other record store in the whole universe, you know, And people would kind of come in and say, What are you guys doing over open the records, Sir, I’m a welder, I’m a metal sculptor, and they came to realize what an incredibly talented I think there are more artists per capita.

And in Santa Cruz than almost any other place. And I met so many really great people and I saw said, Well, let’s make it our art gallery. And we met. The city was really helpful to us when we were putting Streetlight together. And there are you know, there are homeless people living here in the what’s our courtyard now?

And there was no wall between the alley. And so the whole alley was home full of homeless people. And so they were instead of making it difficult to get permits, they really wanted us. We paid to put the wall there that between the gallery and and and the alley. And the city was building a gate there. And we met the architect of the gate, the designer and the city engineer, and he helps us engineer the the roof here.

So the people were really nice to work with the building inspectors and, you know, the whole thing. It really was really cool. We we did a window after we opened. We put sand in the window, a streetlight, and we had a little toy, a roller coaster and merry go round. And we had some aliens and stuff like that and maybe some vampires or small, you know, not not full sized, not life sized ones.

And of course, you have to feed them at night and stuff like that. So we just had a little toy vampires and we said Santa Carla welcomes Street Records, you know, Santa Carla?

Yes, Yes. It’s one of my all time favorite movies, right?

Well, that gets wrapped up in, my general feeling about living in the middle of the decline and fall of Pax Americana.

it’s really wonderful. It’s one of the most wonderful I’ve traveled around and this is one of the most wonderful little communities in the world geographically. It’s wonderful. You go to Miami or something like it’s just mile after mile of sand and high rises here.

Each beach has like an individual or is geographically separated from the other ones. And it’s one of the neat things the coastline is so varied. You get things like the the wharf and the wharf and Capitola and the wharf that used to go out to the concrete ship and all that. So I’m very positive about this place.

I’m, you know, I, I really have a hard time understanding why anybody has to live in the streets and on the sidewalk in the most in one of the wealthiest societies that has ever existed. You know, I’m shooting 83. I’m going to have a big retrospective show of my work in the gallery on August 4th. You’re invited to my birthday.

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