Stephanie Harrington

I don’t typically remember most of my dreams on a regular basis, but when I do remember them, they seem to be realistic dreams or dreams that I feel like could be the truth in this world, or come to life or have come to life. So they kind of freak me out when I do have them.

Well, last Monday, I had a dream that my coworker came back to work for the first time, and I messaged her that morning to see if she was going to work. And she was. And then she was actually sitting there in the spot that I had the dream of.

Oh, gosh, yes.

You’re opening some doors here, Jake.

Not always. I would say in the recent years, it’s definitely come to light a little bit more. Yeah, or I’ve noticed it been more in tune with that.

Yes. Yes, I have. That one’s a little bit more of a suffocating dream. It’s a tsunami comes, and I’m always trying to find my way out of the tsunami. Sometimes I’m in the water, you know, trying to get out of it. But I always end up safe and alive or waking up to me being in the water. Wow.

But yeah, that’s definitely been a reoccurring dream in my life.

Typically it’s in Santa Cruz. Some have been like Long Beach is kind of like down in L.A., more like Santa Monica, you know? But yeah, most mostly here in Santa Cruz.

I’ve never looked into the stream before or like, what it means.

Right? Right. I No, no, no. I know. And the tsunamis that we’ve had here have been very minimal scale a stick to my dreams and how big they could be. But. Yeah.

Well, it’s different every time. And I remember these dreams. How funny is this? Like, I remember the actions that I take to, like, make my way through town or, like, to find a higher hill or of a house or of a light. Yeah.

Climb. Delightful. I think that was more like in the water, though. Like it’s rising and I’m able to use the water to help.

I haven’t had one of those in a long time, though. I would say it’s been maybe a few years since I’ve had that dream. Yeah.

Six. Ten? I don’t know that I remember. Which I don’t remember most of my dreams. Right. So out of the ones I remember probably like 6 to 10 times.

I’m very in tune to my surroundings.

Hmm. So I’ve never really been focused on my dreams and my goals. I’m very much so a day to day kind of person. Just recently, I’ve started opening my mind to having more dreams and goals to reach more of a potential with where I could go. Prayer is a big thing in my life. I’ve also grown up with a lot of manifestation surroundings, friends and people in my life with a spirituality in that way.

And so lately I’ve been bringing the two together in a way that can, yeah, help me reach my fullest potential.

Well, lately I’ve been thinking more along the lines of happiness, health and wealth and just what can bring me there. And in this life. What I want my life to look like. So my goal is to have a happy life and to live comfortably. Or I’m not stressed or worried like I have been in the past. I’ve. I like to leave that in my old my old self.

Flying to the moon as an astronaut.

You know, I feel like as a kid, for sure, that was like, a huge dream of, like, maybe wanting to explore outer space, but no way. No, no, no, no. I don’t know. That’s a really interesting question because I don’t really take my dreams to like. Like that next dreams. Yeah.

You know, I’ve always wanted as a human to provide dance into this world to other people like it has been introduced to me. And that was as a young girl. I didn’t have that much money. And so people gave it to me through scholarships and by means of helping me. And so I hope to be able to do that with other kids in this world and provide that to them.

I love contemporary dancing. And so, you know, a show that can tell a story obviously bring emotion into the picture and have the audience feel a certain way. For me, that’s how.

Today and in the future. I guess it would really depend on the students that I have and what I’m working with, because I can I can make a show around anything.

Yeah, I love dancing. I would love to get back into performing like that. I do on my own time.

Like contemporary dance at home and whatever. The music’s telling me to do.

Providing children with the opportunity to become whoever they want to be when they become an adult? Inspiring them at an early age?

Well, I get to show up every day and see children smile and have fun no matter what. And even if they’re not having fun, finding a way to help them feel included, those are always the fun ones to work with as well, because you get to see the lights light up in their lives, I don’t know. And then the progression over time, the reward of what you put into the children over a course of time and not just in one night.

The parents having to to get on the same page with them and then the teachers as well. Because I work and mentoring teachers as well as facilitating the parents. And so helping them understand each other that teaching is a hard job. And the we understand parenting is a hard job, too, and how we can bring the two lives together for the best of the children.

I obviously work at a preschool.

Well, I love Santa Cruz. There’s always been a wonderful draw here to wanting to be back here. I mean, my husband loved the ocean, the beach and the people. I have family here and friends and it’s home. You’re going to make me cry. Yeah. I love Santa Cruz.

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