My name is Angel.

Yeah, actually, I do.

I don’t remember any recent ones. I think I usually remember them, but by the end of the day, I forget them. I’ll remember in the morning, but shortly after I forget.

Usually, it’s somewhere more familiar.

Like here in Santa Cruz or somewhere. A park, a national park or somewhere I’ve hiked.

There’s always something unrealistic, kind of wild. I’m flying or doing something crazy or, like there’s fire everywhere or something.

Oh, I’m doing it right now. This is starting a business, so. Yeah. That’s about the main kind of focus, goal and dream right now is just the business.

I make laser etched and cut wooden boxes there. Some of them are empty, some they’re like crayon boxes, some are dominoes.

Yeah. So, I’m just doing that.

Expanding it right now.

My workshops–upgrading them, adding more since the machines that I used to do. I rebuild them, so I kind of design my own machines and I’m not done designing them, so I’m still adding parts and kind of changing them.

So, it’s really like finishing my workshops.

My favorite? Yeah, I just made a Yosemite box that has a 3D map as the lid of the valley. And then pictures from Yosemite all around it.

Yeah, I’m really big into the outdoors, but I like Yosemite just in general. It’s a beautiful place. And then that box, I put a lot of detail and design into it, so it actually came out really nice.

Carbon Cube 209

I love Santa Cruz, it is a great place. There’s a lot of good things about it. You know, like good people, it’s a good location, good weather, good, just kind of atmosphere in general.

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